Social Spot meets Cecilio (Slow life, Berlin) • Kyiv • Sept. 10

Once again the summer days slipped through the sunbeams and as we enter the winds of change there is a reminder that the slow days will be missed. 


Slow life, a Berlin based crew & label, forges incredible sounds, constantly moving our ears! The Spanish-Italian family, mainly consisting of: Laurine, Cecillio, DJ Tree, S.Moreira & Santi Uribe - continuously redefine music with their “slow life” attitude – a catch phrase they used revolving around their “easy-going demeanor” before the birth of the label. We are huge fans of the idea, their approach towards music and their message.

That being said, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to escape, once more, deep into the Sunday groove with our beloved yogi, deejay, selectah... and active member of the Slow Life fam – Cecilio!

Cecilio is a real digger and treasures a vinyl collection dating from the late nineties. In his shelves and record bags, you usually find a kaleidoscope covering genres like Funk, Disco, Afro, Dub and Breaks, and above all, an amalgam of House and Techno with emphasis on the “deep” component. With an eye on the dancefloor, and one in the bag - sensing the vibration that permeates the room, Cecilio always comes ready to share his soul and exquisite musical taste.

Joining the cruise will be one more expert digger and musician. He hails from a family that we hold close to our hearts and delivers stunning tunes in his complex sets. He is the resident dj at Closer with a mystical set of expressions and sounds. A frequency wizard, Bambu needs no introduction to local enthusiasts…

Last but not least & least but not last – will be your friendly neighbourhood crew THP.

Drop by - no hurries, no worries, simply move with the Slow Sunday mood…

Peace, love & beyond

by THP