THP Session with OMAR (UY) • Kyiv • 29 Sep 2017

The winds of change are in full motion and as we come Closer to the last third of our interstellar voyage there is a special musician that would love to haunt the corridors of the ribbon factory. 


To introduce Omar, would be to open a box of postcards and talk about a collection of places and people essential to the creation of his sound. From his Panama heritage to his roots in Uruguay and Berlin, Omar's musical ethos has been shaped through diverse landscapes and human connection. He is an identity that has been complemented by the artists who've made their mark on him - hometown heroes like Bruno Gervais, Koolt and Nicolas Lutz played a particular role in inspiring Omar’s grooves. He prefers to let his, vinyl only, sets’ journey the span from techno to electro and the deeper manifestations of house.

Peace, love & beyond…


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