Social Spot by THP at Mezzanine Kyiv

Dear music lovers and enthusiasts, THP community announced first Social Spot event this season which will happen on 16th of April, as a tradition starting at 04:20 pm on Sunday.

Guests: RudolfRustamDomnitsaKazelTrippsyHaathiPūoro

• Of Argentinian heritage, honed his style, technique and love for music, influenced by jazz and percussions, by intertwining electronic sounds into the formulae. This unique approach, ultimately, paved a way for live performances and took Europe’s major dancing platforms by storm. Club der Visionaire, Watergate, ARMA17, Fabric, Tbar and many more… were in awe from the talent and ambition behind the frequencies they experienced. Hence, we are happy to say and are proud to host a Social Spot with the incredible DJ/Producer RUDOLF from the renowned BirdsMakingMachine!

• kAZEL, is the new electronic music project of Rubén Pellón Martínez, a long time runner in the music scene, former member of Monkey Brothers, and founder of Parallel Label and nowadays of the new imprint "Last Boat To Pluton". A new approach to electronic music of a experienced artist, a new beginning full power and sensibility.

• Our close friends from Odessa - Rustam Babaev & Domnitsa (Wax&talks record shop). This dynamic duo seamlessly creates bridges between the various realms of music & style. Here one can find a free jazzy tune, layered, with deep percussive rhythms in combination with the cosmic synths of the pervious decade – simply hypnotic!

Least but not last…your friendly neighborhood team THP: Trippsy, Haathi, Pūoro

We are looking forward to seeing you at the mesmerizing Mezzanine on Easter Sunday!

Peace, Love & Beyond…

by THP

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Poster Art by Sestry Feldman (Ua)