SkyArtCafe 3 years after

. .. SkyArtCafe .. . conceptual project, which was located on the 6th floor of PinchukArtCentre (Kiev, Ukraine) and put together a completely different innovative ideas that seemed impossible to combine in one place. 

For the first time high vegetarian and vegan cuisine was presented in Kyiv, white bar, which was prepared smuzzi and original cocktails based on fresh berries, vegetables and herbs. 

Place non-standard recreation for children and adults - with the activities of different formats: master class, lectures, seminars, presentations and shows. In the evening - with dj sets and performances from the best Ukrainian and foreign artists. 

SkyArtCafe was a landmark destination for people with an active lifestyle who are interested design, architecture, art, fashion, music and healthy nutrition.



The Idea of the project belongs to Sveta Konfeta - true inspired and open-minded person, with powerful experience in future thinking projects! A lot of people who know Sveta, knows that philosophy of SkyArtCafe is her lifestyle and the place always was just a canvas to show it.
Now Sveta one of the core team element in Elemental Source



March 2, 2017 was 3 years after the last evening in SkyArtCafe.
Thank you SkyArtCafe for all magic moments, for experience and transformation, for all people who share this unique energy. 
2007 - 2014

About the best place in Universe .. .

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